April 5, 2006

Writers’ Group

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Tomorrow is the planning meeting of a writers' group. I had wanted to join one for a long time – you know, a face-to-face one with real people instead of a virtual online group. So finally, I decided to start one! I've had a lot of help. One talented member set up a message board for us, and another one got email addresses together and sent out queries (oops, maybe "query" is a bad word?) to prospective members. The three of us have brainstormed some preliminary ideas, and tomorrow we'll get input from the full group. So far, we expect a total of seven people, including ourselves.

Question of the day: Why the heck did I do this just weeks before my alleged move* to North Carolina?
* As both of my regular readers know, this is the fifth "deal" we've had on selling our rent house. We are NOT packing another thing until the fat lady sings!


April 3, 2006

She Bad

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Three thousand words today. Um-hum. Fifty-five percent com-puh-leet! Uh-huh. She bad. That's right. She fine!

April 2, 2006

Everyone’s a Winner

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Last night we went to see a play competition put on by TeCo Theatrical Productions. There were six one-act plays by local playwrights.

TeCo is an arts education program whose objectives are to “provide cultural and artistic opportunities for children and families who live in at-risk communities [and to] provide instruction in theater, acting, dance and other art forms …”

Everyone was asked to vote for their favorite of the six plays, winner to be announced after the last performance next week.

Of course there are no losers here, because it’s a win-win for everybody.

Thanks to James (a rising star who makes my latte for me in the meantime) for inviting us.

April 1, 2006

Take My Blogroll. Please.

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How many times do we bloggers stumble (clumsy bunch that we are) across someone else’s blog, read and like the first entry, and the second entry, then maybe bookmark and/or leave a comment, and move on, or how many times do we revisit our favorite bloggers because we love them so much, but never really pay attention to their blogrolls, the blogs they loved enough to link to? If you’re like me, not very often. Only so many hours in the day, right?

Starting today, I’m going to make a point to visit blogs on other people’s blogrolls as often as I can. I know that I’ll find some great places and people out there, and as an added plus, I won’t be stumbling around, I’ll be on a clearly marked path. Wow – was that profound? Uh, nah … second thought, not so much.

Anyway, take my blogroll, please. You’ll find some wonderful people over there!

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