February 27, 2006

There Goes the Neighborhood

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I just found out that we have a mysterious transient! And by “we,” I mean all of us! Stay safe, everyone!


February 25, 2006

Things That Go Ding In The Night

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It was a dark and stormy night. No, really. It was dark. And our first drought-buster, frog-strangler line of thunderstorms dumped its load upon the land. (Hey, that was almost good!)

We were fast asleep (whatever that means). The doorbell awakened us. Whiskey-Tango-Foxtrot? Who would be idiot enough to stand out there in this dark and stormy downpour ringing the doorbell? I mean, the doorbell was like, totally ringing its little head off.

Tomcat went to check it out while I cowered stayed in bed. No one was at the door. A phantom? Ah, it was a dark and stormy night with a phantom!

Nah. It was just that the electricity in the storm set off the thingy in our wireless doorbell. But that’s okay. It was BlogWorthy.

February 24, 2006

Carolina Dreamin’

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This week I’m supposed to be doing research for my mystery novel.

And keeping up with my blog.

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Instead, I’m Googling pics of North Carolina. As both of my readers know, that’s where Tomcat and I want to be, but we have to sell Maxwell House first. Sigh.

Did you know there are SO many things to do when you’re avoiding the things you SHOULD be doing? It’s true.

For example:

Visit everyone on your blogroll and leave comments, preferably lengthy, insightful ones. The kind that need revising before you hit “Post Comment.”

Lurk on other people’s blogs but don’t leave comments.

Lurk on your own blog. (I’m watching you this very minute!)

Try to figure out why someone spent 89 minutes, 48 seconds on your blog, but didn’t leave a comment.

Queue up a dozen articles on the printer for your research.

Fix jammed printer.

Fix jammed printer again.

Give up on damn jammed printer.

Pout. You cannot work under these conditions!

Find something, anything, to blog about.

Return to Google. They might need you.


P.S. Tomcat had a T-Shirt made for me on Valentine’s Day. It says “Blog-Worthy.”

Today? Eh. Not so much.

February 21, 2006

It Beats Law School

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Chapters 1 through 6 are done, and I’ve got a good portion of my mystery novel story-boarded. But now I’ve come to the part where I can’t write another word without doing the research.

Unless … I could get away with:

Chapter 7

And so, he was arrested and indicted for murder, which was a huge surprise, he pled not guilty at the arraignment, and then there was a bail bond hearing. His lawyer, whom he really liked a lot, got him out on his own recognizance.

Hmmm. No, one must have details. Lots of details. Like, most of the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure details (thank God for PDFs.) I’ll need to cram in about ten times as much information as I’ll actually need to write the scenes.

So, this is me for awhile:

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February 19, 2006

M-m-m-my Generation

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I was running errands Friday and at one stop I asked for a six-pack and two lids. Which put me in a time warp, man.

A quick shake of the head, and I’m back in this decade. It’s not beer and weed I’m asking for, it’s a six-pack of Hill’s Science Diet Z-D canned dog food and two plastic lids for keeping the food fresh in the refrigerator. For Scruffybutt, natch. (She looked SO cute in her brand new carseat and pink sweater.)

Peace out.

February 18, 2006

Pay No Attention–

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–to Karl Rove the man behind the curtain!

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I lifted this from my horsey friend.

February 17, 2006

It’s All About Me

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I swiped this from Garnie. It’s called a Johari* window, or grid. I’ve selected a few words from the grid which I think describe me. Now, I’m asking you to select five or six words that YOU think describe me.

You can click here to see the grid. Click on the words you want to select for me.

Then, at the bottom, enter YOUR name so that I’ll know who picked what (or, I guess you could enter “Anonymous” if you’d prefer.) The responses I get will be compared to my own list of words.

After you have entered the words you’ve selected for me, you’ll get a screen where you can see my own list. You’ll also see the words that other people have selected, but not their names.

THEN, you’ll get to do your OWN grid if you want, and then it will be All About You!

* From Wikipedia:

A Johari window is a metaphorical tool intended to help people better understand their interpersonal communication and relationships. It is used primarily in self-help groups and corporate settings as a heuristic device to encourage people to open up to another in self-disclosure. The concept was invented by Joseph Luft and Harrington Ingram, who combined their first names to create the name of the tool.

Heuristic is the art and science of discovery and invention.

Some commonplace heuristics, all from How to Solve It:

If you are having difficulty understanding a problem, try drawing a picture.

If you can’t find a solution, try assuming that you have a solution and seeing what you can derive from that (“working backward”).

If the problem is abstract, try examining a concrete example.

Try solving a more general problem first (the “inventor’s paradox”: the more ambitious plan may have more chances of success).

–Candace a/k/a Chenoah

February 16, 2006

Duck and Cover

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Okay, here’s the link to the Jon Stewart bit I was telling you about in my last post. It’s called Duck and Cover. Enjoy!
(you may have to click on “enter now” to see it)

February 15, 2006


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Did ya’ll see Jon Stewart last night? OMG, Tomcat and I were skuh-REEM-ing with laughter! The video is not up yet on The Daily Show site, but look for it maybe later today or tomorrow. Click on the link and go to Videos, Most Recent. He was savoring the absolutely delicious story of Cheney’s hunting mishap and the subsequent grilling of the Press Secretary by reporters. I haven’t laughed so hard in ages! Look for the video; I won’t spoil it for ya here.

And speaking of the White House Press Corps, what a bunch of idiots! There they were, for the second day in a row, peppering (you might say) the Secretary with relentless questions and demands for clarifications and specifics, you know, the who-what-where-when-why-how stuff they suddenly remembered from journalism school. I just have to ask, THIS is the story that woke them up??? The Veep goes quail hunting and mistakes Whittington for a bird? NOW the Press Corps is doing its job like, you know, real journalists???

They sat there, apparently cowed, through that whole Iraq thing. They were timid about even asking for specifics on, say, WMDs (not to mention all the other stories they could have gotten righteous about, like bribery and corruption, the “elections,” etc.)

What is going on with them NOW over this stupid hunting accident story? I mean, you’d think this had something to do with violations of civil rights, national security, or committing troops to an unnecessary war, or any number of other critical, important stories, you know, like Monica Lewinsky.

February 14, 2006

Happy Valentine’s Day, Everyone!

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— more cuteness from Cute Overload! (I think I’m addicted…)

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