December 12, 2005

At Last!

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!!! It must be your lucky day!  At last – answers to my previous post, “True Lies?” !!!

“I was a professional astrologer for two years.”

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TRUE!  And I worked my kiester off because that was way back before they had computer programs that would calculate charts and spit out transits and progressions in nanoseconds.


“I was once the only passenger on a commercial airline flight.”

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TRUE!  Hah!  Most everyone thought this one was the lie.  Back in, oh … 1971-ish, I took a Continental Airlines flight from Dallas to Sante Fe, New Mexico.  At the airport in Midland, Texas, every passenger but me got off the plane, so there I was, the only passenger when we continued on to Santa Fe.  When the stewardess found out this was the first time I had ever flown, she told the pilot and co-pilot, and they invited me up into the cockpit.  Way cool.  When we landed, I stepped out onto the tarmac to behold the Santa Fe International Airport in all of its ADOBE glory!


“I was once hit in the face by a Frisbee at a Stones’ concert.”

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TRUE!  Alas.  The concert was in Dallas at the Cottonbowl.  It was … 1981? maybe.  Why do people throw Frisbees at concerts?  Good thing I was stoned at the time, because that might have hurt really bad!


“I once met Robert Blake.”

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FALSE!   Thank God!  Way back before I ever met Tomcat, I really, really had a huge crush on Robert Blake.  I mean, I wanted to MARRY Robert Blake!  Oh, people — be careful what you wish for — just ask Bonnie Lee Bakley.  Oh, wait, you can’t.  Nevermind. 

And kudus to Pooks at GuiltyofBeing for guessing this one!




  1. Yay!

    That’s so amazing — I have another friend who used to be an astrologer. Small worldish.

    Comment by pooks — December 12, 2005 @ 3:43 pm | Reply

  2. A professional astrologer? That must have been interesting.
    Thanks for coming by earlier.

    Comment by Courtney — December 12, 2005 @ 3:46 pm | Reply

  3. I knew the thing about Robert Blake was false all along…


    That was a pretty neat story about the plane though. I’d love to see the view from the cockpit. Too bad they won’t let people do that anymore.

    Comment by Dan — December 12, 2005 @ 11:44 pm | Reply

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