December 3, 2005

Miserable Winter

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Miserable winter we’re having … high of 81 F. today … lots of sunshine … a REALLY FAT and sassy squirrel just scampered along the fencetop outside my window … last night, I was bitten twice by a REALLY FAT and sassy mosquito – gotta watch those December mosquitos! … just like those December hurricanes with names like “Episilon” – they’ll sneak up on ya … wait a sec …

December WHATS???

The grass in my yard is still green. Joggers jog by in shorts.

Did we cause global warming, or is this part of a natural cycle that would have occurred with or without our influence on the planet? According to Whitley Strieber, co-author of The Coming Global Superstorm, we are in the midst of a natural cycle that will end our civilization. His novel about this coming Ice Age event, The Day After Tomorrow, was made into a TV movie.

Let’s assume for a moment that Strieber didn’t actually need to sell more books or make another movie deal. Question: If you truly believed you knew of some coming terrible event that would end Civilization As We Know It, would you tell everybody, like Strieber, or would you keep it to yourself?



  1. I moved from Texas last February…I remember those warm Decembers! 🙂 Here in Georgia it’s quite COLD right now with chance of ice!

    Now my answer to your question: I think I would warn everyone I could.

    Here via Michele’s.

    Comment by YellowRose — December 3, 2005 @ 2:28 pm | Reply

  2. Stopping by to say hello…

    You are back. Yay. I must add you to my blogroll.

    It is freezing here. I want YOUR weather. Can we swap? Please.

    Much like YellowRose I would warn everyone I could – I simply would think it unfair to keep that kind of knowledge to myself. Of course, no one would listen to me, but that would be their choice.

    Comment by Michele — December 3, 2005 @ 3:06 pm | Reply

  3. I’d tell everyone ONCE. If no one listened, like Michele said, that’s just too bad.

    Comment by Plumkrazzee — December 3, 2005 @ 5:01 pm | Reply

  4. Not much sense in warning everyone since most people would not believe you and the ones that would believe you would mostly be nuts. Should civilization be destroyed by something–natural or not–it’s going to takme most people by surprise. Warning or not. And that’s the way it should be since if you can’t do anything about it—why worry?

    Michele not only sent me, but also immediately preceded me here. Neat!

    Comment by utenzi — December 3, 2005 @ 5:57 pm | Reply

  5. Oh GOD! The Day After Tomorrow, while very well may be a kick ass novel, was an egregious movie.

    Some things should just be unmade; Like CSI: Miami or Will Farrell’s career.

    Comment by rob — December 3, 2005 @ 8:12 pm | Reply

  6. Post – Michelle sent me.

    Comment by rob — December 3, 2005 @ 8:12 pm | Reply

  7. LOrd no. My name isn’t Micheal Brown, thank goodnews. Nor is it George W. I would definately have people prepare. Do we need more disasters, anyhow? Hasn’t this year been fruitful enough in the disaster category?

    Michele sent me.

    Comment by margalit — December 3, 2005 @ 8:42 pm | Reply

  8. Oh, and I’m so glad you’re feeling better. That month away from home sounds pretty scary.

    Comment by margalit — December 3, 2005 @ 8:45 pm | Reply

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